What's happening next half term: February - March 2021

Stepping Stones

We will be continuing with our letter of the week. When we return we will be on letter “G”.

Pre-school Drop off Times

We will continue allowing only one parent in at a time with their child to assist with social distancing. We continue to look at all our procedures and make changes where we feel necessary based on guidance received. Due to cleaning and potential cross contamination the children are still not be able to bring into pre-school in any soft toys, blankets etc at this current time.

Late arrivals and late collections can cause distress to the children. Please be prompt when dropping off/picking up your child and please ensure you inform us of any new contact numbers etc for your child’s records – particularly emergency contacts and any dietary/allergy needs your child has.

Please ensure your child brings in their own “named” sports bottle – this has worked well and ensures children only drink from their own bottle.

Pre-school Pick up Times

There have been a parents who have asked to collect their children a little earlier than 3pm over the last term and we have accommodated this but it has caused disruption to the end of day for the other children. Therefore, any children that require picking up before the end of session we will have two pick up times of either 2.45pm or 3pm.This needs to be pre-arranged as these children will be ready to leave at 2.45pm.Any children leaving early will need to be collected promptly at 2.45pm.This will be reviewed and if it causes more disruption then we may need to alter this.

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